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Which Is Better Charcoal Grill Or Gas Grill

The discussion of which is a better grill between charcoal and gas has actually been taking place for years. 60% of all grills available in the market is gas, as opposed to charcoal. Gas grills have a lot of modern features for quick and easy grilling, even for beginners. Charcoal grill is more of the […]

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How to Clean a Charcoal Grill

​Charcoal grill is an essential cooking item that offers a wide range of benefits on grilling /cooking foods. However, if it is used regularly, it will start to build up ash and rust over time. This is why regular cleaning and maintenance are a requirement whether you are using the best grill or not. What […]

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How To Start A Charcoal Grill And Keep It Lit

​Charcoal grills are a wonderful way to serve up delicious meals and ​barbecue for a large group of people or even your family and friends, especially during the extremely hot summer months wherein there’s nothing that sounds better than sitting back and relaxing with a freshly grilled ​BBQ in your hand, rich with the essence […]

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