Char-Broil Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill Review

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

The Char-Broil The Big Easy Infrared Smoker Roaster And Grill is truly a versatile product that has everything in it including a griller, a roaster and a smoker. If you are looking for a hi-speed smoker and roaster, then the Char-Broil Big Easy is your best bet. It comes with a great amount of power and with the help of TRU infrared technology, you can be guaranteed to have juicy and tasty food in just minutes. You don’t need charcoal or oil in this Big Easy Smoker Roaster and there is also no spit rod for the balancing act as well. Don’t expect any unexpected flares from the grill, as this no ordinary charcoal heat, but an advanced infrared cooking system.

The Char-Broil The Big Easy Smoker Roaster Grill comes with an internal smoker that needs only some wood chips or pellets to get heated up and unlike other smokers, you don’t require air dampers. You can use the The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill as a toaster too as it produces even infrared heat and without any heat loss, you can even use it as a grill too. The cooking basket is large enough to hold a large turkey weighing 25lbs. It also comes with a double stack to cook small size food items as well. The stainless steel grate comes with 180 square inches of cooking area along with a smoker box with half pound capacity.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

A propane burner resided between the inner and outer walls of the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill that helps in transmitting the infrared heat evenly to the food items inside the cooker. The cooked meat stays tender and moist all the time and never becomes dry as the hot air is quickly transferred out from the cooking chamber. The temperature inside the cooker ranges from 9000-18000 BTUS and the Easy Big comes with safety handles to protect your fingers and also comes with a grease collection tray.

The Char-Broil is a complete TRU-infrared grill that helps in controlling the heat and also evenly distributes the hot air across the entire cooking surface that helps in the food not getting dry and also to keep the food tender and moist to a great extent. Never expect any flare-up with a TRU-infrared cooking system as the heat is distributed evenly and all cold and hot spots are eliminated quickly.

The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Roaster Smoker and Grill comes with an easy to use internal smoker box that has a separate place to put all the wood chippers to produce that lovely aromatic flavor and smoke. Celebrate this Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family and delight them with this home-cooked Turkey

The Char-Broil Big Easy cooking chamber provides a spacious area of around 180 square inches and comes with a stainless steel grate grill. Cooking and cleaning is extremely easy with the stainless steel grate as it is easily removable and can be cleaned easily. The stainless steel grate also performs exceptionally well in holding up the heat for a long time and hence your food stays warm for a long time and doesn’t dry out quickly.

If you are looking for an excellent versatile grill, then you can’t forget Char-Broil Big Easy as it has everything in it for making your evening party with your friends and family a great occasion. You have a splendid smoker, roaster and a griller to cook all your favorite dishes and also to entertain your guests in a big way. Cook incredible menus and feasts along with roasted meats and smoked dishes in one go. It is great for experienced grillers and roasters, but also can be easy on newbie grillers as well.

Another great aspect of the Char-Broil Tru-infrared 3-in-1 Gas Smoker Roaster & Grill is the variety of dishes that it can cook in quick time. Enjoy different kind of flavors by using various kinds of wood chips. Smoke incredible dishes with the help of a certain portion of the grill that produces a certain flavor. You also have options to cook deep roasts and sear steaks as well as grill tasty hamburgers too. Everything is possible with the Char-Broil Big Easy, thanks to the amazing TRU infrared technology.

The Char-Broil Big Easy Tru-Infrared 3 In 1 Roaster Smoker and Grill is amazingly quick and fast with the help of the infrared cooking system. With a speedy cooking system, you can easily cook many dishes quickly and also big meals to serve lot of guests during your Thanksgiving dinner or during the Christmas holidays. When you compare cooking with a convective grill or an oven with a Char-Broil Big Easy Smoker Roaster, you would really amazed at the speed at which the Big Easy delivers. Fast cooking time also ensures that you can spend a lot of time chatting with your friends and family that standing in front of the grill the whole time.


  • ​Elegant and efficient device
  • ​Cook any kind of dish with different flavor with different wood chips in the smoker box
  • ​No flare-ups or food drying out quickly
  • ​The best versatile cooking equipment that lets you roast, smoke and grill


  • ​For maximum temperature control, some users complain about having to prop up the lid with a grill spatula

Overall, the Char-Broil Big Easy Tru Infrared Smoker Roaster and Grill is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution for their grilling, smoking and toasting needs. The advanced infrared technology ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and also the items are cooked quickly when compared to other convective grills out there in the market.

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